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14 French marine universities

French universities involved in marine sciences (research, higher education and observation) decided in 2010 to coordinate their efforts in order to enhance their european investement and efficience in the ERA construction. 15 universities from Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas are now part of the group.

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French marine universities network is member of European Marine Board


CommOCEAN2016 : du 6 au 8 décembre à Bruges-Ostende : 2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference -  


French Marine Universities  join new legal organization of the European Marine Board. 



On 20 January 2016, the European Marine Board formed its own legal entity as an international non-profit association under Belgian law (IVZW). An important day in the history of the Board, eight founding members signed the deed in the presence of a Notary Public at a dedicated founding meeting in Brussels (see pictures). The EMB was originally formed as an expert board of the European Science Foundation and has operated as such for almost 20 years. During that time the EMB has flourished under the European Science Foundation, expanding its membership, activities and gaining a reputation for providing high-quality science policy advice to underpin the marine research agenda in Europe. Although EMB will remain for the time being associated to ESF, the foundation of a non-for-profit association in Belgium is the first step in a process to eventually become a fully independent legal entity and to secure the future of EMB as the primary marine science foresight and strategy think tank in Europe.
Picture features the EMB IVZW founding members, directors, secretariat, and notary public. Top row left to right: Yves-Marie Paulet (UBO), Colin Brown (NUIG), Karen Donaldson (EMB), Slawomir Sagan (IOPAN), Nan-Chin Chu (EMB), Jan de Leeuw (NIOZ), Veronica French (EMB), Lars Horn (RCN), Arturas Razinkova-Baziukas (KU), Notary Public. Bottom row left to right: Erlend Moksness (IMR), Jan-Stefan Fritz (KDM), Niall McDonough (EMB), Jan Mees (EMB Chair), Gilles Lericolais (Ifremer), Mark James (MASTS), Tarmo Soomere (EAS)