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16 french marine universities


EurOCEAN 2019 in Paris 11-2th June 2019 (UNESCO)

 Europe’s contribution to the future of marine science

 On 11-12 June 2019, the high-level science-policy conference EurOCEAN 2019 will take place in Paris. EurOCEAN 2019, the 5thin the EurOCEAN conference series, will explore the role of marine science in the next decade.

The European Marine Board (EMB) will launch its flagship publication, Navigating the Future V (NFV), at the EurOCEAN 2019 conference. Navigating the Future V describes what marine science will look like in the future (2030 and beyond). It identifies key themes that will significantly advance our understanding of the marine and broader earth and climate systems. NFV will provide robust, independent scientific advice and expert opinion and be of increasing importance to societal wellbeing in decades to come.

EurOCEAN 2019 is co-organised by European Marine Board, the European Commission and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

Register now for participating at EurOCEAN 2019 (early-bird registration rate till 14 April 2019).

More information, including the draft programme, can be found at the official website for the conference: http://www.euroceanconferences.eu/eurocean-2019

EurOCEAN 2019 poster competition

We warmly welcome abstract submissions from scientists at PhD or post doc level (up to 3 years post-PhD) for presenting a poster at the EurOCEAN 2019 conference. Abstracts should present an innovative and eye-catching printed poster on one of the main themes of the conference (sustainable marine resources, the land perspective on the ocean, new pollutants in the marine environment, or Oceans and Human Health). Abstract submissions are possible before 30 March 2019 15:00 CET. Submit an abstract using this link.



Aix Marseille University
Sorbonne University
Université de Bordeaux
Université de Brest
Université de Bretagne Sud
Université de Caen
Université Côte d'Azur Nice
Université du Havre
Université de Lille
Université Littoral (Boulogne sur Mer Dunkerque)
Université de Montpellier
Université de Nantes
Université de Perpignan Via Domitia
Université de La Rochelle
Université de Toulon
Université de Toulouse 







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Les travaux actuels permettent de fédérer les communautés scientifiques et de valoriser les formations d’enseignement supérieur (masters, doctorat, ..) dans des champs pluri disciplinaires : océanographie, écologie, droit, physique, biologie, économie, chimie, géologie, géographie, …






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